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Who Is Dressed 2 Digress?

Dressed 2 Digress started back in 2011, our name comes from one of my favourite songs by Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix).

 From watching my friends get into long term relationships and losing that experimental, fun and wild side. One being more interested in the phone or the latest game and the other not knowing how to draw the attention into the direction wanted.

My advice as always, was to Dress 2 Digress, heading down the rabbit hole to pleasure.

We exhibited at a number of expo's & trade shows including the now missed London Fetish Fair over the years.

With a great team behind me, we are looking to help the people, embrace the world of pleasure, kink & their true selves.

In the next few months we will be adding furniture and so much more to enhance your experiences, as well as an events calendar.

Soon, there will be links to how to guides on everything from sexual health, how to take care of your toys and the art of everything to do with pleasure.

Enjoy Dressed 2 Digress Ltd.

We are tied to the ones that binds us



Raphael Sappa

Company Number 07783 449736